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Sam's curiosity about guardian angels is finally put to rest when an angel offers to let Sam accompany him to earth to watch over a very active little girl named Zoey. Sam is kept on his toes all day long, keeping Zoey safe from falls, making sure she doesn't go swimming in all the wrong places and getting into things that she shouldn't.


Sam quickly realizes that he has his hands full doing the important job of a guardian angel.

This faith-based book explains to readers just how essential guardian angels are, their God-given purpose, and how they interact in our lives. 

Great for young readers!


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I’m a woman of faith who over the years has really come to believe in the power of prayer. I used to lackadaisically pray, hoping God would answer, but not really expecting any change. Then with the loss of my husband in 2016, I took refuge in God’s arms and held tight to His promises to get me through my new way of life. I became closer to Him, and my prayers went from half-hearted hopes as I dozed off at the end of the day, to an unwavering trust and belief that He would provide. It’s a walk I wish for every believer because the weight of worry disappears when you know you serve a God with whom anything is possible!



I love creating an opportunity to put a book in a child's hands both for the potential to grow their relationship with God and to leave an impression. With these empowering tools, I believe they can positively impact the world for His glory!​


The Littlest Guardian Angel -
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The Littlest Guardian Angel
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'Cameron's Dream' and 'Lauryn and the Butterfly' were written to positively change the way believers in Christ view the passing away of loved ones. Both books are inspirational and uplifting stories that invite the reader to consider the beautiful and exciting afterlife of loved ones who are now living in Heaven; and shifts the reader's focus from heavy feelings of grief to the celebration of life of those they'll one day reunite with. 


Filled with illustrations that children can relate to and are likely comforted by, this book offers its readers an alternate way to view physical death through the use of positive words like "Going to Heaven party", "Celebration of Life", and "The Great Promotion". These books not only help those coping with the loss of loved ones, but they also provide a resource to use for conversations about an oftentimes difficult subject. 

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Cameron's Dream

Cameron is a dreamer! He dreams of being a professional wrestler, riding roller coasters, playing with his friends, even one day having a puppy. One night, Cameron is given a dream of Heaven so special that he'll cherish it forever. 


Lauryn and the Butterfly

Lauryn's friend, Ms. Mary wakes up filled with joy and excitement when she finds herself in a new, and wondrous place! Although she's excited, Ms. Mary becomes worried that Lauryn is missing her terribly. Lauryn is sent a beautiful reminder of her dear friend, by someone very special. Her spirits are lifted and she's given great peace and comfort. 

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God's love is unconditional and everlasting. And this book explains to its young readers that no matter the situation or circumstance they find themselves in, God loves them and is always with them. 

With the use of Biblical scriptures, depictions of everyday scenarios, and text that supports and confirms God's unwavering love for His children, readers can identify and connect with the emotions felt on each page. 


This book is a great resource for young readers to begin learning and applying Bible scriptures to their everyday lives.